Dale Turner

Twenty First Century Renewal Ministries


Print this page before proceeding!

Step – 1 Click on “Download App.”

Step – 2 Click on “Save First100″

Step – 3 Click on “First100.zip”.

Step – 4 Unzip “First100.zip”.

Step – 5 Open “Output Folder”.

Step – 6 Click on “First100”.

 Step – 7 Open “Setup”.

Step – 8 Click on “Install” (Please ignore “Publisher Cannot be Verified”) Dale Turner is the Publisher

Step – 9 Exit all programs.

Instructions for using the First 100 Days App.

Step 1- Click on the desktop folder First 100 Days.

Step 2 – Click on “Desktop Survey.”

Step 3 – Highlight one of three options, STAFF, VOLUNTEER or PASTOR

Step 4 – At least one survey must be completed for each category (Staff, Volunteer, and Pastor before a report can be generated.

Step 5 – Highlight “Admin” and click on Save. Wait for the App to process!

Step 6 – Bring up the new Excel file and print the report.

The K in column 7 of the report indicates the Key Planning Point.: This K appears if columns 3,4 and 5 are 20% (or more) less than column 6. Column 6 lists the scores of churches that doubled worship attendance between 1994 and 2004. Purchase book, “The First 100 Days Transforming the Local Church” (Amazon) P R I N T T H I S PA