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Wisdom from the Cross is a new free monthly newsletter from 21st Century Renewal Ministries, a Christ-centered consulting ministry that Pastor Dale R. Turner created.

The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians chapter one that God has made foolish the world’s wisdom and, through the preaching of the cross of Christ, brought actual knowledge and salvation to all who believe in Jesus. This has sometimes been called “the foolishness of the cross!” Paul is saying that to the unsaved world, those who preach the gospel look like idiots. Ungodly, people think believers and their faith are foolish. In Paul’s day, the cross remained in widespread use by the Romans as a means of public execution.

Paul was teaching about the more profound meaning and wisdom of the cross. Listed below is a list of the true meaning and benefits of the cross. The cross, a symbol of Christianity, transcends mere religious imagery. For believers, it embodies the essence of sacrifice, redemption, and profound love. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary offers lessons that can reshape our understanding of life, love, and spirituality. Here are 15 lessons that emanate from the wisdom of the cross:

Unconditional Love: 

The act of Christ willingly laying down His life showcases love in its purest form, teaching us that love often means putting others’ needs before our own.


Jesus’ sacrifice underscores the idea that true love and the greater good sometimes require personal sacrifice.


“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34) teaches the power of forgiveness, even in the face of immense betrayal.


Despite being the Son of God, Jesus faced humiliation and suffering. His humility is a lesson in setting aside pride and arrogance.


The cross signifies that mistakes and sins can be redeemed, offering a second chance to all.


The resurrection following the crucifixion is a testament to the undying hope that light will prevail even in the darkest hours.

Suffering has Meaning: 

Christ’s suffering wasn’t meaningless. Through pain, one can find purpose, growth, and healing.

Faith Overcomes Doubt: 

Even Jesus experienced moments of doubt, yet his unwavering faith carried Him through, teaching us the power of steadfast belief.

The Ephemeral Nature of Earthly Power: 

The rulers and crowds had their momentary triumph over Jesus, but the eternal outcome showcased the fleeting nature of temporal power.

True Victory is Spiritual: 

Despite the apparent defeat on the cross, the real victory was spiritual, proving that true triumph isn’t always what it seems in worldly terms.

Death is not the End: 

The resurrection shows that death isn’t the conclusion but a transition, offering hope for eternal life.


The cross bridges the gap between humanity and God, emphasizing the importance of mending broken relationships and fostering unity.

The Universality of God’s Love:

 Jesus died for all, regardless of status, race, or background, showing that divine love is universal.

Endurance: Facing immense pain and betrayal, Jesus endured, demonstrating that with faith, one can withstand the harshest trials.

Transcendence of Materialism: 

Stripped of possessions and dignity on the cross, Jesus’ message is clear: Material belongings are fleeting, but spiritual wealth is eternal.

The cross offers timeless and universal insights with its profound symbolism and deep-rooted teachings. By contemplating the wisdom of the cross, individuals can find guidance, strength, and a renewed perspective on life’s most significant challenges.

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God bless you as you live in the shadow of the cross!

Pastor Dale R. Turner