Dale Turner

A small group process involving a weekly 59-minute meeting led by TLC Pastors (Trained Laity) in the homes of TLC Hosts (Trained Laity).  The groups are focused on inviting new people to the groups until they reach 20 members. The group then multiplies into two groups and repeats the process in future years. The meetings focus on 1). Get acquainted activities, 2) Intercessory prayer, and 3). Short faith lesson/discussions. The book includes 43 lessons on applied Christian faith topics.  Each group participates in self-designed mission projects. A leadership training section is included in the book. The goal is to continuously involve new people, turn them into disciple makers, send them into mission and to repeat the process until Jesus comes. The curriculum is repeated every year with the goal of sharing the lesson content with more and more new people.  The book is available at Amazon.com.  Supporting materials are available on this website such as a free spiritual gift survey, a free spiritual gift definition sheet, a free ministry opportunity worksheet, and a free personal mission statement development sheet.

This is a new book by Dale Turner scheduled for publication in the future.  The book is the result of an online study using a 144-question survey.  The survey was completed by ninety-nine lead Pastors and 400 laity/staff.  About 15 of the churches surveyed doubled their worship attendance over a ten-year period. The book will be accompanied by a free survey using the 144 questions, enabling pastors, staff, and laity to evaluate their own ministry. Contact the author and ask for an electronic copy of the survey. Support materials will also be made available on this site.  Dale Turner will be available to do consulting with local churches using this book and the survey.  Contact dale6@roadruner.com for details and expenses.


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