Dale Turner

What is a TLC group?

A TLC group is a small group that meets weekly for 59 minutes in a host home for the primary purpose of Christian nurture and growth. The group is led by a TLC pastor trained by the church pastor and staff. The group meets in a host home of church members also trained by the pastor and staff. The group follows a flexible schedule which includes prayer, sharing, lesson discussion, mission and growth. The group is designed for busy 21st century families. The meeting length is kept to 59 minutes (a fun way of saying that it is strictly one hour long). Vouchered expenses for child care are provided to help families with children participate. The groups are inter-generational and focused on individuals from the youngest infants to the oldest adults. Child care is provided for infants through sixth-graders via vouchered reimbursements and/or a provided list of child care persons. The small group participants range in age from seventh grade through adults.

What Do TLC Groups Actually Do?

The groups study the Bible in relation to its teaching about “the purpose driven life, and the Christian calling to follow Christ by praying, worshiping, giving, serving, and witnessing. Group members support each other with prayers and group discussions. Each group adopts a mission project to reach out to others in the community and/or world. Technically speaking TLC groups are not study groups though they will study the Bible. They are not prayer groups though they will pray. They are not mission groups though they will do mission. They are not therapy groups though they will give support. They are not men’s groups, women’s groups; singles groups, youth groups, or parents groups, though they will include individuals from all ages and stages of life. The ultimate purpose of the groups is as described, tender loving care.

The Order of a TLC Meeting

The weekly order of a TLC Group is very flexible and will generally include four parts.  1). Get Acquainted Time, 2). Conversational Prayer, 3). Lesson Discussion, and 4). Vision Sharing. However the basic purpose is TLC, so some weeks study may be shorter and prayer longer or vise versa. Some weeks visioning may take more time.  Some weeks icebreakers and get-acquainted time may take longer.  All depends on how the Holy Spirit is leading and the needs of the group present themselves each week.

How to Get Involved in a TLC Group

Contact one of the host families, or one of the TLC pastors, or just show up at one of the host homes listed in the TLC promotional brochure. Groups are designed with growth in mind, so feel free to bring friends with you. When the groups reach an average attendance of 20, they will multiply into two or more groups so they can keep growing. There is always room for more!